Filling the need for professional beekeeping services in urban areas.

Up until now, there has been nobody to supply managed hives in the Manawatu urban areas - only commercial beekeepers with hives on farmland, and hobbyists with their own backyard hives. That has all changed with Hives Manawatu coming into the market. Now you can rent fully managed hives, and get help with your own hives.

The Team

Hives Manawatu is still small, but we have plans to expand. Currently the 'team' consists of Tash, the primary beekeeper, with others brought in on a casual basis as required. You might also get to meet her husband Kaine over honey harvest season when some extra muscle is required to help lift those full honey boxes, or at different markets and events. 

Tash has been a beekeeper on a relatively small scale since Kaine getting her a hive in 2019. She originally started learning about her hive through mentoring, youtube clips, and reading, but took the plunge back into study and has recently completed her Level 3 Apiculture certificate. Tash is passionate about producing food in her own backyard, everything from fruit and vegetables through to meat, and beekeeping is a key step in making this process happen! Honesty, can you beat a home cooked meal that you grew yourself?