Rent a full managed beehive for your backyard or lifestyle block. We do all of the hard work while you enjoy the benefits of the pollination and the delicious taste of the honey produced from your own garden

  • Single hive - $50/month

    • One fully managed beehive for your backyard
    • 5kg of honey
    • Pollination services of up to 60,000 bees
  • Two is better - $80/month

    • Two fully managed beehives for your backyard
    • 10kg of honey
    • Pollination services of up to 120,000 bees
  • Lifestylers choice - $150/month

    • Four fully managed beehives for your backyard
    • 20kg of honey
    • Pollination services of up to 240,000 bees

The process

What you get

  • A colony of honeybees in a Langstroth style hive
  • Year round pollination of your section
  • Regular inspections to check hive health and add honey boxes as required
  • Honey extracted, tutin tested and delivered to your door
  • 5kg of liquid honey in 500g pots from each of your rented hives per year
  • Additional honey is available to purchase at a discounted price for our rental clients
  • All registration completed and fees paid (required by law for all apiaries)
  • Regular disease checks by an approved beekeeper and paperwork filed with AsureQuality annually
  • Varroa mite control program, based on a mix of organic and chemical treatments
  • Emergency response for swarm collection or knocked over hives etc

How it works

1. Choose the hive package you think would best suit you and complete the enquiry form

2. Schedule a site visit 

One of our beekeepers will contact you and arrange a convenient time to come out and discuss where your beehives will be placed - this takes into consideration things like sunshine, shelter from wind, flight paths and accessibility.

3. Payment

Once your site has been approved we'll contact you with payment instructions.

Payment can be made monthly using direct debit, or annually. Annual payment receive a 10% discount.

All hive rentals are for a minimum period of 12 months.

4. We will come and deliver your hive and get it set up

When we have received payment, we'll arrange delivery of your hive to the site as discussed.

5. Relax and enjoy

Everything will be taken care of with your hives, all you need to do is sit back, and watch as they go about their business pollinating your crops and trees.

A beekeeper will check your hives regularly and perform any maintenance that is required.

When the honey is harvested you'll receive jars of freshly extracted raw delicious honey to enjoy yourself or give away to your family and friends.

Fill out the contact form with your Address and indicate which package you would like: Single Beehive, Two is better or Lifestylers choice.

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