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Creamed Manuka Honey

Creamed Manuka Honey

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Our Multifloral manuka honey is a great tasting manuka honey, that is perfect for everyday use. This honey is the perfect addition to a cup of hot water with lemon to help soothe a sore throat, or common cold. It is also delicious on toast if you are looking for a honey with a deeper flavour that doesn't taste as sweet. 

Multiforal honey is a unique blend created when bees naturally fly from one plant species to another, and collect nectar from a range of sources. Monofloral simply means the nectar is mainly collected from the one nectar source. Multifloral manuka still has all the great beneficial antibacterial properties, vitamins, and minerals that a Monofloral manuka honey has, but just at a much lower rate. 

Tasting notes: Liquorice with Maple Syrup and a soft Apricot and Jasmine finish

120+ MGO

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