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Feilding creamed Honey

Feilding creamed Honey

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Our unique Feilding honey is a mixed of urban and clover, giving it a slightly lighter colour than the rest of our urban range, The combination of a mild flavour, and creamed texture, makes this a very popular option for kids to have on toast. 

Tasting notes: Maple & Saffron with Butterscotch & Dates

We don't add anything extra to our honey, it is 100% raw, natural pure honey. The colour and flavour of the honey comes from the plants the bees visit, and their nectar sources. This gives the honey from each suburb its own unique flavour and colour. 

Note: Colours may vary slightly from photos. 

250g, 500g and 1kg quantities are all packaged in a glass jar. Anything over 1kg is considered bulk and is packaged in a white pail.  

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. our creamed honey can be softened if required by placing in a warm water bath. 

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