Whether you are just learning and looking for support and guidance, or a seasoned professional who is short on time - we are here to help!  

We can help with everything from;

  • Advice on where to buy your beekeeping gear and equipment
  • Setting up your hives - what you need and where the best spot could be on your section
  • Registration and compliance
  • Health checks 
  • Annual disease return support
  • When to inspect your hives and what to look for
  • Checking, identifying and dealing with American Foul Brood appropriately 
  • Varroa treatment plans and execution
  • Requeening hives and replacing colonies
  • Harvesting your honey
  • Mentoring and coaching 
  • Making a seasonal beekeeping management plan for your hive for you to follow. 

Every season has its challenges, and having someone qualified and reliable to call on can make all of the difference! 

We can also host hives for businesses and supply you with honey which has your branding on it - get in touch to learn more